Terrior Driven Wines

Terrior is defined as a specific geographic location, with very specific soils and sub-soils, aspect (which way the vineyards face), altitude, climate and micro climate, This combined with a winemakers philosophy, culture, history and abilitity, define the wine (i.e. what you end up getting out of the wine)

Wine and Food Pairing

What wines pair best with specific foods?

This is a huge topic for discussion but the following may provide some help

  • Big food, big wine
  • tannins help cut through fat
  • go regional (i.e Italian food, italian wine)
  • flavours can complement each other but only one can be the star (the food or the wine)
  • sometimes, contrasting flaours accentuate flavours (e.g  off-dry wine with spicy food)
  • the internet can provide some great ideas


Feel free to come into the store to discuss wine and food pairing options